Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Grotesque Non-Reporting

Here is an op-ed piece by Tony Blankley at RCP that I found amusing, yet sadly true:

Today, big media has lost interest in policy substance almost altogether. Analyses of major policy announcements are viewed, almost exclusively, through the prism of polling numbers.

If the president were to call for two plus two to equal four, the media would report that such a proposal had the support of only 42 percent of likely voters, and a slippage of even conservative support from 87 percent to 63 percent. Perhaps on the jump page, in the 38th inch of the story in the New York Times, they might get around to quoting a professor of mathematics from MIT to the effect that, in fact, the president was right that two plus two still equals four. But for television and radio break news, the story would end at the polling result, which is bad news for the president.

What brings this melancholy observation to mind was the grotesque non-reporting of President Bush's arguably historic remarks last week concerning the nature of the enemy in the "War on Terror," that until last week was the enemy of which we dared not mention the name.

For the first time the president of the United States named the enemy: "islamfascist" and "radical, militant Islam." He compared it to the Nazi and communist ideological threat of the previous century.

Yes, I noticed that, too. In fact, the MSM basically just yawned at the President's remarks and their concensus opinion seemed to be that there was nothing new in them. I wondered if they had been listening to the same speech I listened to.

Every time I think I have used up all my outrage at the MSM and their continual enabling of the enemies of civilization, they surprise me by being even more egregious in their bias and anti-American attitudes.

But why should I be surprised? The MSM hasfor the most part, completely bought into the same strategic plan as outlined by Zawahiri to Zarqawi. In stead of an Islamic Caliphate, they hope for a UN-directed one, but, it's basically the same idea we've heard over and over again from the Left. And the US --especially under Bush and the Republicans--stands directly in the way of their utopian vision.

For our own good, we must be brought to see that obstructing this glorious vision of the future leads to being...gasp!...unpopular. And being unpopular and thinking for yourself (i.e., disagreeing with them) is probably the worst possible sin in that future paradise, where everyone will march in happy lockstep obeying the will of Allah The State The Collective some pathetic totalitarian thug the UN.

Thus, the "grotesque non-reporting" that Blankley refers to makes perfect sense for a media that has no interest in winning a war against Islamofascism, since they identify with and feel sympathetic towards the goals of jihad. They just want to eliminate the religious part. Cox and Forkum got it exactly right in this cartoon.

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