Sunday, October 09, 2005

Folie a deux -- Redux

Norm at Normblog makes an excellent point regarding the "news" reported by the BBC what Bush supposedly said to Palestinian leaders. It is so insightful, that it really deserves a new post; so I am bumping it to the top of my page:

Is it just that, for secular liberals and leftists, all those invoking a line to, or about, God in decisions and actions in the public realm, with far-reaching effects on others, are to be seen as laughable, grotesque, or worse? I guess that must be it. But hold on. This seems to apply only sometimes. Like to the US President; or to Republican voters of devoutly Christian outlook; or to fundamentalist Jews in the occupied territories. It seems not to apply so much, or at all, when Islamists appeal to religious sources as a basis for blowing up themselves and, more particularly, others. Here, what is often urged upon us from the same quarters, from the pages of the same newspapers as have just carried the shock-and-mock stuff, is an understanding of the grievances that accompany the appeal to religious motivations. And what is most certainly urged upon us is the avoidance of any disrespect towards widely-held religious sensibilities.

Here is the original post from October 6:
Give me one good reason why we should believe the serially lying Palestinians, known for their savvy and cynical media manipulation (Pallywood anyone?); and the incompetent and anti-Bush, anti-U.S., anti-Israeli BBC?

Together, they don't possess an ounce of credibility between them.

Only a fool would listen to anything they have to say, so watch the Left jump all over this as if it was the Word of God.

UPDATE: Well here is an example --from someone called KookyCookie Jill--that perfectly shows the uncritical belief system of the Left. In particular, they are willing to believe anything that supports their negative caricature of Bush. Maybe I should just call it a menage a trois?

UPDATE II: The White House denies the report. Who do you think the Lefties will believe?

UPDATE III: From Polipundit's Lorie Byrd, it appears that this story is neither news, nor is it new! I'm shocked; how about you?

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