Saturday, October 15, 2005


The following is shamelessly adapted from the Simpson's episode where Homer is wrongly accused of inappropriately touching a babysitter (he was only trying to rescue a gummi candy that had stuck to her clothing). The media and everyone automatically assume his guilt.

It is my belief, that anything that happens in real life can be understood by either watching The Simpsons, or Star Trek (or both!).

Newsman: Miers scandal update: Harriet sleeps nude in an oxygen tent
which she believes gives her special powers interpreting the Constitution!

Harriet: Hey -- that's a half-truth!
{[changes channels to Sally Jesse Raphael]}

Conservative Pundit: {[weeping] I don't know Harriet Miers, I -- I never met Harriet
Miers or had any contact with her, but -- [cries uncontrollably] -- I'm sorry, I can't go on.}

Sally: {That's OK: your tears say more than real evidence _ever_ could.}


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