Sunday, October 23, 2005

Louder, Stronger, Prouder

Michael Yon writes about the Iraqi Election (in the Weekly Standard and an extended version will also be on his blog): "All Quiet on the Baghdad Front":

Next morning, I got information from the Army that there had been 19 attacks on polling sites throughout Iraq, and in January there had been 108. There may be some garble in the numbers (there usually is). There had actually been somewhere between 300 and 350 total attacks on the January election day. And the army would later say that there were 89 total attacks during the voting last week. Who knows? I know that it was quiet from my perch, and that the guns had been silenced long enough that we could hear the Iraqi voice speak for a second time. The voice was louder, stronger, and prouder than it had been in January.

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