Friday, October 14, 2005

These Are A Few of My Favorite Blogs...

Neo-neocon finishes her series on "The Varieties of Pacifism." Check it out--it is well worth your time.

ShrinkWrapped defends Michelle Malkin from "Liberal Racism";

Gagdad Bob initiates a new blog (One Cosmos) ;

The Anchoress thinks the press might well regret demanding an investigation into the Plame "outing";

SC&A are having some really bad days with the Islamofascist Nazi Dentist (IND for short) -- just scroll down and feel his pain;

The Gates of Vienna is on a roll exposing all sorts of jihadists in the US (again, just scroll down); and,

GM over at GM's Corner wants to vote the bastards out and places "A Pox on Both Their Houses".

UPDATE: Blog meets Network TV! The Anchoress speaks at CBS.

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