Thursday, October 06, 2005


Michael Yon has posted his latest dispatch, from Iraq--"The Battle for Mosul", and as usual it is engaging, engrossing and informative. Please go check it out.

The insurgents and criminals brushed aside the entire Mosul police force with what amounted to a loud bark and a stiff backhand. When they attacked two stations, 4-West and 6-West, killing about half a dozen officers in each, the police on duty frantically radioed that hundreds insurgents were storming the stations.

When the Americans arrived within the hour, they estimated the attacking force consisted of only twenty to thirty enemy fighters at each station. It was not a long or particularly hard battle to recover the stations, but what made the news lead that day was the Mosul police abandoning their stations.

To an enemy in need of assets, a press that is increasingly disengaged is like an empty car with keys in the ignition--begging to be stolen. How the keys came to be left in the car, and how the inevitable theft managed to go unreported are questions for a different dispatch. To really understand the dynamics of the Battle for Mosul, it suffices to say the enemy started with a media advantage that they continue to exploit even now.

Yon is, of course, absolutely correct. The clueless media have been consistently exploited by our enemies and have demonstrated over and over again that their political correctness and admiration for the "insurgent" terrorists, combined with their hostility to Bush and America in general; consistently interferes with any objective assessment of what's going on in Iraq.

I would only add that there are definitely portions of the MSM that aren't the "clueless", useful idiot variety. These portions have set out deliberately and with malice aforethought to undermine the U.S. and its objectives. They do not merely enable terrorism--they support it actively.

That is why journalists like Yon are so critical to understanding what is really going on, and for exposing the truth that these supporters of terrorism and anti-freedom fighters everywhere work hard to keep hidden.

In this case, the Truth is really out there. Read it.

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