Friday, October 07, 2005

More "La Belle Indifference" from the Media

In this post, I discuss the things that interest the MSM and those items that don't. Their selective interest is, as always, fascinating; and intimately related to the hysterical blindness they seem to be suffering from.

The latest outbreak of this blindness and its concomitant "la belle indifference" can be seen in the absence of news in the MSM on:

1. The Oklahoma suicide bombing incident (see here, here, and here for a summary of what has been going on). While local papers in Oklahoma are pursuing this story along with the blogsphere; the MSM is yawning.

2. The reflex pooh-poohing of the NY Subway threats yesterday (see here, here and here). As AJ Strata points out, this was a specific Al Qaeda threat that came from intelligence gathered in Iraq.

But hey! It is only one day into this story, and the MSM will have plenty of time to ignore it and make everyone who took it seriously feel that they were snookered--particularly if the security measures instituted work at preventing and/or scaring off the threat.

By their beautiful indifference they are telling us, "Move along folks--nothing to see here!" Except that, if they were doing their jobs, there is plenty to see and think about and understand.

But they certainly wouldn't want that to happen, would they?

UPDATE: The Baron at The Gates of Vienna has the response to the suicide bombing from the University of Oklahoma's President, who appears to think that what's at stake here is his fundamental belief in multiculturalism and political correctness. Hysterical blindness, indeed.

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