Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pseudologia Fantastica

The Times of London reports that the "US Senate 'finds Iraq oil cash in Galloway's wife's bank account". The Belmont Club discusses Mr. Galloway's lying in some detail.

But if I may be so bold to suggest, poor George Galloway is just another tragic victim of pseudologia fantastica.

The sufferers of this sad condition are often smooth-talking narcissists, and so self-centered they construct a detailed reality of their own and are almost able to convince others of its truth. In many instances, the lying gets more significant as the liar obtains more power.

George Galloway and fellow sufferer Joe Wilson should start a support group! They might also invite the grand mythomaniac, Saddam Hussein, to participate for the time he has remaining on earth--particularly since he appears to be the inspirational force behind both of them.

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