Monday, October 10, 2005

American Universities - A Fertile Ground For Jihad?

UCLA, Georgia Tech, and the Univerity of Oklahoma?

I hope Homeland Security, the FBI and all the counterterrorism forces are on top of this. Michelle Malkin has a roundup.The UCLA explosive device was only a block from where I used to live when I went to medical school at UCLA.

Sad to say, I'm sure there are many, many willing recruits for jihad among the young, propagandized minds of academe. If they aren't anti-American by the time they enter college, quite a few are by the time they finish.

I was reminded of this pathetic state of affairs in our educational system by this humorous editorial about Columbus that I read today.

UPDATE: AJ Strata thinks maybe the terrorists are after our children. I agree, but I strongly suspect that it is college students themselves who are involved (e.g., the Oklahoma suicide bomber was a student at the University who was probably involved in Islamic activities). If we do not reclaim the liberal tradition in our universities and colleges and end the "academentia" that infects academia; I would suggest that it will be far to easy for the jihadists to convince some of our children to become terrorists.

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