Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Somehow, I doubt it

What are we to make of this article, in light of this other article?

Forgive me if I tend to cynicism (and in most areas, I don't have a cynical bone in my body!). But, I suspect that whatever strategy is at play here, it does not bode well for Israel in the long run. The UN's motives for being "more hospitable" to Israel recently, completely pale before the fact that the UN has not only been hospitable to, but downright accommodating towards a multitude of regimes that are tyrannical, cynical, serial human rights violators.

In short, the UN never met a totalitarian regime it didn't like; and it has consistently permitted such regimes to use its humanitarian face as a cover for continued oppression and tyranny.

Are they beginning to see the light about this state of affairs by finally behaving appropriately toward the most democratic and free nation in the Middle East?

Somehow I doubt it.

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