Friday, October 28, 2005

Supreme Court Quota Games

Isn't it time to stop thinking of postions on the court as a gender or race-specific? That somehow there is a "woman" seat or an "Hispanic" or "Black" seat? I find it rather appalling that the nomination to highest court in the land should be expected to meet this kind of racist or sexist criteria. How would you feel if it a "White" or "Male" seat on the court were discussed as an entitlement?

Noone does that, do they? You know why? Because that would clearly be racist and sexist. Yet somehow it has become politically correct to actively and enthusiastically promote racism and sexism when any other group is discussed.

It is time to stop. Read Heather MacDonald's article linked above.

Mr. President, just pick the absolute best and most competent person for the job. That is the ideal I fought for when I was a member of the Women's Movement many years ago. The modern women's movement, like the modern civil rights movement has lost all reason and sense. All either do now is to encourage victimhood and entitlement in their respective constituencies. They also actively try to smear any woman or black who doesn't buy into their identity politcal agenda.

Let us stop playing these insane political quota games and put an end to all institutionalized racism and sexism in this country once and for all.

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