Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In the End, They All Get One

Oh, please. Tell me why I (or anyone else for that matter) should care if this were even true.

The speculation at the United Nations was that the Norwegian Nobel committee was sending its own message to the U.S. administration for its refusal to take meaningful steps on nuclear disarmament and for its continued militaristic policies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Norwegian Nobel committee? Sending a message? Remember, this is the same committee that gave Yasser Arafat the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994, thus paving the way for a decade of excusing or ignoring that sociopath's future behavior.

The UN would be better off speculating on why its own institutions are so corrupt; why its leaders have engaged in gross misconduct; and why it coddles dictators and puts totalitarian regimes in charge of human rights. Or why they are responsible for the biggest fraud in human history, referred to as the Oil-for-Food Scandal. Or why UN troops were responsible for sexual misconduct on such a large scale in the Congo.

And, considering that the US pays over $2 Billion per year supporting UN programs, it might also be better off speculating on how much longer American taxpayers are going to support its anti-American, anti-freedom agendas.

So, I'm not overwhelmingly impressed at any "hidden" message there might have been in the Nobel committees recent Peace Prize selections. They have already demonstrated clearly that, like the UN, they are somewhat out of touch with the real world. I'm only urprised they didn't include AQ Khan or the Mullahs of Iran in their Nobel Peace Prize choice this year.

We used to have a saying at NASA when I worked there (and this could probably be extended to include all government agencies). It seemed that no matter how poorly someone performed; or how completely incompetent they were--eventually, they would be the recipient of some major NASA award honoring their contribution. The saying went: "Awards at NASA are like hemorrhoids--in the end, every asshole gets one."

It certainly seems applicable to the latest Norwegian Nobel committee actions.

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