Friday, August 19, 2005

"This Is The Car Daddy Blew Up"

This filled me with a deep sense of revulsion. It is an excerpt from a Hamas and Islamic Jihad video which aired on an Al-Arabiya TV program on the culture of martyrdom.

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: "These martyrdom operations are the shortest way to Allah. They are the must exalted and magnificent way of martyrdom in our generation. The martyrdom operation is the weapon Allah gave this nation, and no one can take it from us. They can take away our cannons, our tanks, and our planes, but they cannot take away our spirit, which yearns for Allah and which is determined to achieve martyrdom."
Reporter: "Salah Ghandour a soldier in Hizbullah's martyrdom army..."

Maha Ghandour, Salah Ghandour's widow: "I met Salah in 1990 and we got engaged seven months later. We were married in 1991, early 1991. Even in his final days he stayed at home with us and told me: 'Say goodbye to me. I am bidding this world farewell.' From when I just married him, I expected his martyrdom at any minute. When we had three children I told him that he was taking his time. I didn't expect to live with him for five years."

Interviewer: "Was it important to you that he worked for the resistance?"

Maha Ghandour: "Of course. Of course. If we had not defended our land, who would have liberated it? Unless women sacrificed their husbands and brothers, this land would never have been liberated. Praise Allah, our homeland was liberated by the blood of the martyrs and the efforts of the mujahideen, some of which are fighting the Jihad to this day."

Reporter: "Hizbullah filmed Salah's operation and final message, and the entire program was aired on Al-Manar TV, which belongs to Hizbullah."

Salah Ghandour's son: "This is the operation that daddy carried out. This is the convoy that came from here, from Palestine. This is his operation..."

Salah Ghandour's daughter: "This is the place of the operation in which he was gone."

Salah Ghandour's son: "This is the car daddy blew up."

Maha Ghandour: "Of course I miss him and remember his words. Sometimes it saddens me, but I love to watch him."

She loves to watch him blow himself up??? She let's her kids watch Daddy blow up??

What a devoted Palestinian mother.

It is disturbing to think that this woman is representative of the people who will be in control of Gaza now that Israel has withdrawn. They have a chance to make a real life--a real country for themsleves. Do you think they will? Do you imagine that these children will grow up to be psychologically healthy and productive individuals in the new Palistinian state?

No, I don't have much hope for that either.

But they will only have themselves to blame when their own finely-honed, and cultivated hatred fully detonates and irrevocably shatters what little is left of their society.

Maha Ghandour will love to watch that, too, I'm sure.

UPDATE: Neo-neocon quotes from a Egyptian psychiatrist.

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