Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Palestinian Con

These people are completely hopeless:

Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas said on Saturday it would fight to drive Israel out of the West Bank and Jerusalem after the Jewish state completes its withdrawal from the occupied Gaza Strip this year.

"Gaza is not Palestine," a masked spokesman for Hamas's armed wing told a news conference in Gaza City.

"As for Jerusalem and the West Bank, we will seek to liberate them by resistance just as the Gaza Strip was liberated," said the spokesman, surrounded by gunmen and militants with rocket launchers.

Note to the rest of the world: DO YOU SEE NOW? ARE YOU BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND?


How about this (hat tip: The Corner):

Buried in several of Hammoudeh's conversations with an "unidentified male" in October 2000 is surprising inside information on the private views of Palestinian Authority's leader Yasser Arafat about ongoing peace negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

Despite what Arafat was saying publicly about supporting the negotiations, Hammoudeh's telephone conversations tell a different story, according to the prosecution's evidence. Unidentified Male: "Abu Ammar (Arafat) told me that everything has been screwed up . . . Since February (he) has been hopeless, finished. From February . . . eight months ago . . . (Arafat) has had a closing with this Barak . . . I sat with (Arafat) in his room and he told me: 'It's useless.' But he doesn't say this on television. He says 'my partner.'

"We sat with (Arafat) . . . and he told me that it was over . . . and we should seek other avenues. . . . "Do whatever you see fit. Military action if you want to, or whatever. . . . I will not interfere.' " He offered this summary of Arafat's private words to him: "Proceed and do not be afraid. Anything I do or say, ignore me."
(emphasis mine)

If only the world would ignore their continual whining and perpetual victimhood; and appreciate the con game the Palestinians have been playing for decades. If only the world would call them to account for undermining every peace process; breaking every truce. If only the world would focus on the murderous rage and suicidal anger the Palestinians project; instead of focusing on and blaming the objects of that projection.

When I look at the Palestinian situation, I see a bottomless cesspool of swirling self-destructive rationalizations. How many times will Israel have to make honest concessions and take the first step toward peace? How many times will Israelis have to demonstrate their goodwill and willingness to live in peace with these maniacs? How many truces, treaties, aggreements, must be broken-- before the world sees the Palestinians for the cheap con artists they are?

They don't want peace. They don't want to live in their own state if Israel exists. They don't care about the suffering of innocent people - Israeli or Palestinian. They don't care, because they have no honor. They are incapable of goodwill. They have no leader with any integrity. They have nothing but their hatred.

And as they parade and dance around with their UN-funded banners, pretending that they are real men; shooting guns in the air and setting things on fire; preparing their children for future suicide missions; I know without the shadow of a doubt that they will squander this new opportunity as they have squandered so many over the years.

When do you suppose the rest of the world will figure out that they are being conned?

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