Thursday, August 04, 2005

Georgy Porgy Wormtongue

I was reminded of a Mother Goose nursery rhyme for some reason today. But felt it needed a little alteration to adapt to present circumstances.

Georgy Porgy Galloway
Always knows just what to say
And every word he speak's a lie
He's laughing while the British die.

In a world overflowing with miserable crawling worms who imagine they are the same species as human beings, is there anyone as deplorable and despicable as this bottom-dwelling kind of trash?

Grima Wormtongue was a Rohanian patriot in comparison to Georgy.

UPDATE: In the interests of full disclosure: My darling spouse suggests that I am a tad irritable today (Nooo. Can you tell from my posts?) and meekly proposes I reconsider my current estrogen dose (how unbelievably SEXIST of him!). I snap back at him but privately suspect that his hypothesis may be (at least partially) correct. I really really hate menopause. Irritability cleanses the environment of the ubiquitous BS that always seems to be lurking around, but it is neither kind nor compassionate. When I became a physician/psychiatrist I don't remember ever taking an oath not to be human. So, bugger off all you who think I'm being too hard on poor George. If the world were a fair and just place, he'd deserve much worse.

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