Sunday, August 28, 2005


I have just finished reading The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam, by Robert Spencer. Spencer is also the blogger responsible for Jihad Watch.

From the cover of the book:

Did you know that:
- Islam teaches that Muslims must wage war to impose Islamic law on non-Muslim states?
-American Muslim groups are engaged in a huge cover-up of Islamic doctrine and history?
-Today's jihad terrorists have the same motives and goals as the Muslims who fought the Crusaders?
-Muslim persecution of Christians has continued for 13 centuries--and still goes on?

Here is an excerpt from the book that will give you an idea of what Spencer is trying to address:

The window of free speech in America is closing--at least regarding Islam.

The white washing of Islam and jihad goes father than tendentious propaganda. Honest investigations of the causes of Islamic terrorism are increasingly termed "hate speech" by the PC establishment. CAIR has filed numerous lawsuits against those who say things about Islam that it doesn't like--making for a chilling effect on those who speak the truth about the religion. "There's no doubt that CAIR understands this," notes National Review's John Derbyshire. "They have Saudi oil money behind them and finance is no issue at all to them. They essentially have infinite funds. They will shut up everyone. On the topic of Islam, free speech is dead."

Meanwhile, Islamic Jihadists have their own methods of silencing critics, as the murder of Theo van Gogh last year on the streets of Amsterdam illustrates.

Spencer himself is irreverent, fearless, and articulate about Islam. He does not avoid any of the "holy" topics that Islam aggressively discourages anyone from discussing--e.g., Mohammed, the Qur'an, Jihad and the myths of the Crusades.

In the politically correct fantasy world of today, where Islam is regarded a religion of peace and given billing with other major religions, it is refreshing to hear someone actually taking seriously what the Qur'an says; what Mohammed did; and what Islam is doing.

There was once a time when the world considered the USSR one of the major powers of the world and as advanced as the US. I still remember my first impression when I visited Moscow in the mid 1980's when it was still under the dictatorship of the proletariat. It can best be summarized by the realization that, far from being and economic and political superstar, the Soviet Union had tricked the world and was, in fact, a third world country.

Islam today is like the old Soviet Union. It has tricked the world into thinking that it is a major religion, when in fact it is a third-rate dogma that enslaves all who are unfortunate to be born into it. It has nothing to offer humanity anymore, and its spread is like a cancer on the human spirit. Where Islam flourishes, there you will also find poverty, misogyny, ignorance, and oppression.

If you think this is too harsh a judgement, then you haven't been paying attention to what is going on in the world for the last decade or so. Islam refuses to be reformed and its intolerance is spreading fast. Fusing it with democracy and freedom may help ameliorate its most obnoxious aspects as they did for Christianity, but that remains to be seen; and Islam is not going to be reconciled to either Western value easily.

It is time that some light was shed on the reality. Robert Spencer has illuminated the real Islam for those who are willing to look.

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