Saturday, August 13, 2005


Oh, and while we are listening to what the Islamofascists are actually saying (see the previous post here), check out this from the Washington Post editorial pages:

"The judicial court of the Organization of al Qaeda in Iraq has ruled that it is a duty to uphold God's law and kill those who have declared themselves God's partners in drafting this constitution."-- Abu Musab Zarqawi

WITH THAT statement, which appeared on an al Qaeda Web site Thursday, Iraq's al Qaeda network at last made explicit the goals of the Iraqi insurgency: to prevent a freely elected, constitutional government from taking power and to promulgate a totalitarian Islamic republic instead.

In a certain sense, this death threat should bring comfort to Americans fighting in Iraq and to the Iraqis struggling to finish their delayed constitution, which is supposed to be ready on Monday. Had al Qaeda set out to prove to a growing number of doubters that the war in Iraq really is about democracy -- and not about oil, hubris or imperialism -- its leaders couldn't have done so more clearly. The statement also underlined the growing gap between those Islamic clerics who want a constitution and those who want dictatorship.

I hope the Left reads it and weeps. However, it is much more likely that they will use ad hominem attacks to continue on their path of denial and delusion--as in this post at Daily Kos. I don't usually link to such places, but really! You need to go and read what the post says to understand the depth of the psychological pathology the Left has to resort to in order to maintain their delusion.

Deaf, Dumb, Blind, and they can't read ! It's an hysterical GRAND SLAM!

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