Monday, August 08, 2005

Natural Allies

Here we have it straight from the horse's (ass's?)mouth:

Galloway has never considered converting to Islam but says “socialism and Islam are very close, other than on the issue of the existence of God. We are synthesising the socialist idea with religious ideas in Britain in a way no-one else in the world is doing. It’s one of the reasons for the success of the Stop The War Coalition. It’s one of the reasons for the success of Respect.”

I have said all along that it is not in the least bewildering (though many have claimed it was strange) that the Left has so naturally allied itself to Islam, and sees in them the same dreams of totalitarian domination it once possessed before its ideology was exposed as anti-human, anti-Freedom and just downright pathologically dysfunctional.

You see, all those socialist slogans about "equality" and "peace" are simply the code words that needed to be said in order to achieve the power they desired. Once in power, has there ever been a socialist state that allowed "equality" or that promoted "peace"? That is why the socialists of today do not protest Islam's treatment of women or homosexuals. Both groups were(are) useful alliances on the way to enslaving the human soul but the Left has never really cared much for either except insofar as they could exploit them and gain power for themselves.

Galloway is at least says it openly. As far as the existence of God issue, they aren't nearly that far apart, either. The Left simply worship a more secular god and would impose their own peculiar brand of "shar'ia " law as they have done in every socialist or communist state that ever existed.

Islam and the Left: Natural Allies

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