Saturday, August 06, 2005

And Now For Something Completely Different...well, not "completely"

Here is a little Saturday reading for you.

Rightwing Nuthouse has a taxonomy of Moonbat bloggers and Mithras at Fables of the Reconstruction has one of Conservative bloggers. Read them both for a fair and balanced perspective (yeah right!).

Roger Simon links to this fascinating transcription of Marilyn Monroe's analysis with psychoanalyst Ralph Greenson. Absolutely fascinating.

Then there is this NY Times article on the finding of King David's palace, which is quite interesting and annoying in the way it is written (isn't everything in the Times annoying these days? That's how one feels when having to deal with someone who has an obsessive agenda that must be pushed no matter what). However, The Anchoress has a wonderful analysis of the article and its agenda, that is a must-read.

Finally, bRight and Early is having a blogathon to raise money for the Freedom Alliance and charity. Go visit and help him out!

It's a beautiful day here in Ann Arbor (does that sound too much like Garrison Keillor???) and I have a lot to do. Back blogging later!

UPDATE: This piece by Neo-neocon on terrorists and their Western apologists is also well worth reading (1:47 pm Saturday)

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