Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Slogans and Dust

This news report inspired me to rewrite the lyrics to an old Baez song.


I'll be damned, here comes your ghost again
but that's not unusual
it's just that the moon is full
and and the moonbats are out

And there you sit, singing that melody
with the same vocal clarity
from a couple of light years ago
with the same sincere pout

As I remember your songs were sad and forlorn
Your poetry was lousy I thought
Where are you singing now?
A small town in Texas
Forty years ago I bought your album
And bought into a movement
that only amounted to
Empty Slogans and Dust

Now I see you standing with Sheehan and folk of her ilk
Now you're smiling and your voice sounds like silk
Your songs once stood for for peace and it showed in your face
Speaking strictly for me
What your songs support now's a disgrace

Now you're telling me you're still for peace
why not sing to Bin Laden then?
Crush Zarqawi with songs--
but your music's gone vague

Do you really need that vagueness now, when terror's made clear
They'll kill you without flinching, my dear?
and if you're offering me Slogans and Dust
I've grown up since then.

And that's all your new cause is
only Slogans and Dust
yes that's all your new cause is
only Slogans and Dust

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