Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Spreading Disease

Whether you think of Islamism as a virus or a cancer on the world; it most certainly is a terminal disease.

Yet both London and the transportation arteries of the Malay barrier were or subsequently became terror targets purely because of their value to the malignancy. The process is similar to angiogenesis in cancer, where a tumor takes over control of the body's ability to produce blood vessels for the sole purpose of nourishing itself. One way doctors spot tumors is by finding unusual concentrations of blood vessels feeding the growing malignancy. Sensing's comparison of Islamic terrorism to a virus, if correct, makes a nonsense of claims that that Islamic militants are infiltrating the West in retaliation for Iraq or even the supposed provocations of Israel. The infiltration is occuring for entirely independent reasons: to provide nutrients for the malignancy or to turn ordinary systems to their purposes.

If the comparison to of Islamic terrorism to disease had any validity, one would expect to see a growing use of the world's own "healthy" systems for the pathogenic purposes. And we do: for example, what would normally be regarded as a mode of transportation, such as a widebodied airplane, Islamic terrorism sees as a bomb.

Also noted in the post:
One of the most far-reaching benefits to Al Qaedaism of its alliance with the Left is how easily it allowed it to move astride the media, the academe and the liberal religious establishment.

The treatment of choice must be surgical excision at the primary site, followed by radiation or chemotherapy on the metastases in the media, academe and the liberal religious establishment.

Unfortunately, the disease is widespead and the prognosis doesn't seem good unless aggressive therapy is implemented as quickly as possible.

Note: Doctors cannot afford to be appeasing a serious disease when the life of their patient is at stake.

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