Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Wretchard in a rather grim post reminds us of something we must not forget:

Personally, I think the bombings in Russia and Israel, plus the kidnappings of aid workers in Darfur are timed to coincide with the RNC convention. It could be coincidental, but that that is less likely than to assume the enemy, who is commanded, is working to a plan. That means the enemy will attempt an attack in the USA. We already know that, but it bears remembering that if they can kill 12 in two Israeli buses, they can do it in America.
(Emphasis mine)

Our country has been terror-free for 3 years. But we are not perfect and I think it is inevitable that we will be attacked. May the bastards who are planning it even as I write this die a horrible, painful death and may they rot in hell for 1000 eternities. And, may all their planning come to naught.

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