Monday, August 16, 2004

Kerry's One Point Plan For America

Kerry's solution to every problem? It's simple--Get rid of Bush! From the Onion via Roger Simon. Here's a taste:

"In the speech, Kerry offered a solution for the nation's ailing education system.
"Schools do not have the resources they need to succeed," Kerry said. "One million students are dropping out of high school every year. John Kerry and John Edwards have a plan to ensure that all Americans can make the most of their God-given talents: Get George Bush out of the White House."
Kerry also spoke on the subject of national security.
"This country has embraced a new and dangerously ineffective disregard for the world," Kerry said. "In order to win the global war against terror, we must promote democracy, freedom, and opportunity around the world. My national-defense policy will be guided by one imperative: Don't be George Bush. As will my plans to create a strong economy, protect civil rights, develop a better healthcare system, and improve homeland security."

The people at the Onion and at Scrappleface are brilliant and funny (and their sarcasm frequently hits the nail on the head). Check them out!

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