Thursday, August 12, 2004

Desperately Seeking Information

The Main Stream Media (e.g., the print and TV media) should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Their job is to keep people informed. But, I am sad to say, they have become totally incompetent at their job. Instead of keeping us informed, they are telling us what to think. One of the ways they tell us what to think, is by what they choose to focus on. Let's give some examples:

1. The U.N. oil for food scandal would be completely dead if it weren't for a few brave reporters like Claudia Rossett who continues to pursue it. This is the biggest financial scandal in history. It makes the Enron thieves look like a bunch of pikers. Why is this story not on the front page every day as more and more details are revealed about the countries and UN officials who collaborated with Saddam Hussein and screwed the Iraqi people? And what about the terrorist connection that has been uncovered, as Saddam used the U.N. money to build palaces and support terrorist organizations?

2. John Kerry has made the Vietnam war and his service in it a central building block for his argument that he should be President and Commander in Chief. We have heard numerous stories from the press about his heroism and this has been broadcast over and over again. We have listed to a few veterans --his "band of brothers"--over and over reiterate their support for Mr. Kerry. Now over 200 other veterans who served with Kerry in Vietnam have written a book called Unfit for Command and who present signed documents and data stating that John Kerry has lied for years about his service. These men have nothing to gain and the fact that $100,000 for their ads that are currently airing came from a Republican does not alter the fact of their claims. Yet all we have heard from the media is a series of "shame on you" type articles--not against Kerry, but against the 200 veterans who dared to speak out. Where are the investigative reporters who harassed Bush for months about his Texas Air National Guard record? Where is their dogged tenacity in this story, which not only has more meat than the Bush story, but also goes to the heart of Kerry's fitness to lead our country(Kerry made this the case himself. Bush never asked us to elect him based on his ANG record). For more on this, see here and here. It is shameful that this story is getting more press in the U.K. than in our own media outlets.

3. Think about all the column space allotted to Joe Wilson, Michael Moore and others who have claimed that "Bush Lied" and have a political agenda to the far left of center. The stories that have proven this to be completely false have appeared --if at all-- in the back pages of papers and with little fanfare on CNN and other outlets. Think about Abu Graihb. Were are the stories about the complete vindication of the command chain and the conviction of the renegade military personnel who committed the actual crimes?

What is the common thread in all these examples? If true, they represent devastating evidence that contradicts closely held--almost religiously held-- Liberal thought. The U.N. is a sacred concept to the Left. By definition, it cannot be wrong or on the side of Evil. Therefore, any attacks or evidence that it is, has to be agressively denied, covered-up, and erased from history. The media can only do this if they don't report on it and pretend its not news that is "fit to print". Remember the "hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, speak-no-evil" monkeys? In this case, for the media to acknowledge a story where the U.N. is bad, bad, bad represents the greater evil from the Left's perspective.

In the second example, the consequences of reporting on a story that may prove Kerry to be not only a total and complete fraud, but also the worse possible choice for CIC during a time of war and crisis for our country, means that they would have to face the reality that the Democratic Party is an empty vessel with no ideals, no vision, and no program for the future.

If you want to get information in these times --real information that helps you decide what the hell is going on in the world so you can decide what you think about it (instead of being spoon-fed the politically correct way to think) , you will have to go to the blogsphere (click on some of the links here and on the links at those sites). That is the place where all these issues --both sides, actually--are being discussed. They sure aren't being discussed in the NY Times or the other print media; or in TV land where they are obsessed with Lacey Peterson and Kobe Bryant. SHAME ON THEM.

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