Friday, August 27, 2004

Looking Forward

All right, All right. I promise not to write about the John Kerry -Swift Boat Veteran controversy any more for a while. On my honor. Even I'm getting bored with it. What I am looking forward to is the Republican Convention next week. I would like to see President Bush come forward and outline what he will do in the next four years, particularly about the War on Terror. I am particularly interested in what our strategy will be toward:

  • continued support for Iraq
  • dealing with Iran and Korea (the rest of the Axis of Evil)
  • dealing with Saudi Arabia and the US dependence on oil
  • re-evaluating our international alliances and restructuring our policy from pre-9/11 to post 9/11 thinking
  • Homeland Security issues, particularly the Patriot Act
  • Border protection

I am not particularly interested in Gay marriage (I don't see why they don't invent a different word for it; I don't care much about the economy, but would like there to be LESS government intervention in it than Bush has done so far. My philosophy is that anything the government can do, a private company can do much better. I'd like to see that concept reflected in Bush's "ownership society".

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