Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Kerry Has Labour Party Vote Clinched

Here is some real idiocy, British-style. It seems the Labour Party is "up in arms" because Tony Blair has invited Iraqi interim prime-minster Iyad Allawi to its convention to speak. Can you imagine? Mark Seddon, a member of Labour's ruling National Executive Commitee, said a number of anti-war members would leave the conference hall if Iyad Allawi is invited onto the platform:

"A lot of us said at our last meeting we wanted John Kerry to win the presidential election.
"We should be inviting the Democrats to our conference, not Allawi. There will be a walk-out if this goes ahead."

I have an even better idea for a speaker at the Labour Party National Convention! Why not see if they can invite Saddam Hussein? I hear he might be available.

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