Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Holiest Shrine in the U.S.

Ladies and gentleman, did you know that there is a holy shrine in the U.S.? That it is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN that anyone defile this shrine by attacking it? That any hint of attack; or question that doesn't want to be answered by the keepers of this shrine will lead to a MASSIVE UPRISING of believers?

This Shrine, this holy of holies, is JOHN KERRY'S VIETNAM RECORD. Like the insane situation in Najaf; a bunch of thugs has holed themselves up in the shrine and appealed to the people of the U.S. to back them in maintaining that there is nothing more sacred than John Kerry's stories of his exploits in Vietnam; that there is nothing more holy than John Kerry's medals (even though he lost his way once and threw them away in a moment of disbelief). That this Sacred Shrine is more important than Truth, Integrity, or even Freedom of Speech?

Let's stop worshipping John Kerry's Vietnam War and John Kerry's Vietnam medals. Over 2 million men and women served in the U.S. Military during that war, and it is their war also. It is not a Holy War now, and it wasn't then. It has clearly never been resolved in the national consciousness and now is as good a time as any to complete the catharsis. That it is an election year is too f***ing bad. It is John Kerry who brought the subject up in the first place. Let us not be fearful of attacking this"holy shrine", because it represents the the two sides of that era in our history. Who do we believe? A man who, though decorated, came back from the war and dishonored over 2 million men and women by his opportunistic and self-serving behavior? A man who now "reports for duty" by claiming that his honor and his truth are the only ones that count? Or other veterans from that war who want to reclaim their own honor and truth. Who remember the war differently from John Kerry?

You can disagree that these issues should not be discussed now, but I will leave it to the men and women who want to discuss it. It is their right. This is not Najaf, nor is John Kerry's Vietnam record the Imam al Ali Shrine. Let Kerry worship there if he chooses, I am more interested in the Truth.

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