Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Nightmare Team

Did you watch the USA Men's Basketball team go down in flames the other day--to Puerto Rico? A 92-73 trouncing that they richly deserved. The "Dream Team" must have felt they were in the middle of a nightmare. As if anyone on the team really cared. Pezman Yousefzadeh of Pejmanesque sums it up and makes a recommendation:

"...I think that the college basketball players ought to be brought back. It is perfectly obvious that for the current Dream Team, representing the United States is, at best, a chore. For amateurs, it would be an honor.
Of course, it need not be the case that professionals would take no pride in representing the United States. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan--among others--represented us splendidly. The difference however is that the aforementioned three giants of basketball were primarily winners, competitors and champions whose fame and fortunes were side effects of their prowess on the basketball court--a side effect that was secondary to the object of winning games, championships and Olympic Gold Medals. Whereas so many members of the current Dream Team could not care less about developing their basketball prowess, and simply view the opportunity to represent their country as another way to gain endorsements. Winning, for the current Dream Team, is a side effect that is secondary to fame and fortune."

Yeah. With fame and fortune you might be able to afford those expensive Nikes, but just wearing them don't make you good.

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Jen said...

There was commentary tonight regarding Andy Roddick (professional tennis player on the Olympic team) and it was stated that he was the only "millionaire" that chose to live in the Olympic village. The "other millionaires" (likely the basketball team and maybe a track athlete or two) were staying in luxury accommodations. Sort of missing the point, aren't they?

I was embarrassed by the players continuous trash talk and questioning of every call. They are used to that in the NBA, but this is the Olympics. There is something pure about the games and this group is ruining that.