Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Iraqi Talk Radio

I didn't realize that the Iraqis had talk radio now! Check this out. Apparently this show gets over 150 calls an hour. I was particularly struck by this comment:

Another time, he asked listeners what they thought about the insurgency that has roiled Iraq, claiming most of the energies of the new interim government of Prime Minister Ayad Allawi and putting the American occupation in danger of failure.
"We asked them, is it terrorism or is it resistance," he said. "A very large proportion, almost 100 percent, said terrorism. They did not like it."

So the Iraqis don't see these thugs as "resistance" or "freedom fighters" or "insurgents". They see them for what they are: terrorists. I can already see the liberal argument against this--it must be a right wing radio show that the Iraqis are listening to!

The Iraqis are discovering what we've known for a few hundred years: ain't free speech grand?

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