Thursday, August 19, 2004

Some Thought On The Mainstream Media and Blogging

Please read this article from Tech Central Station by Frederick Turner. It talks about media bias and the decline of real journalism.

Since the "Kerry Christmas in Cambodia" and the attempts by the mainstream media to supress the story (we have the ludicrous situation of people writing letters to the editors of newspapers about stories that the newspapers haven't even printed on this topic--clearly, they are getting their information from the blogsphere, just as I am), I have been think a lot about why I started blogging. It definitely relates, as Turner suggests in his article, to my own disgust and increasing annoyance at the media, particularly since 9/11. I have no quibble with the way the actual events of 9/11 were handled by the media. Every newspaper and TV channel that I sought information from seemed to do a fine job. But it was after that historic event that the change in the media began. Like a toddler afraid to give up its favorite blankie, the media preferred to continue to suck its thumb and clench blankie tight, even though the time to grow up had arrived. The press seemed incapable of thinking "outside the box" of 20th century (predominantly socialist/communist/marxist) memes and transferred the same way of thinking to the latest threat to freedom and individuality--Islamofascism. This deviant theology was almost gleefully incorporated into the Leftist religion. Hence we have the repugnant reversal of all that liberalism used to stand for in what the Left and its mouthpieces choose to consciously (for the former) and unconsciously (for the latter) champion. Instead of supporting women's rights, they deftly ignore what the Taliban was doing and concentrate only on America's mistakes. Instead of championing the oppressed of Iraq and Sudan; they sidestep the atrocities committed by Saddam and Islamic thugs; and show that the "real" victims are the deposed dictator or the Sudanese government. Do they even clearly understand the depravities and despots they now portray so sympathetically? I doubt it. Like Bush Hatred, America Hatred covers up a psychological denial so intense and perverted that those who have it appear to be incapable of real self awareness. They are truly sheep, herded along by an ideology that sweeps freedom and decency out of its way as it destroys individuals and societies.

I choose to blog and to read others who blog. Compared to other ways to obtain information these days, it is a breath of fresh air (and sometimes hot air!) But it doesn't pretend to be neutral and objective while hiding its real agenda. Yes, I freely admit I am bias. I am not a neutral observer--but I do try to be objective and fair (at least most of the time). I am willing to admit to mistakes and errors of judgment. I feel passionately and strongly about Freedom, Individual Rights, Truth and Justice. I have certain feelings and I am aware that those feelings will color my choice of topics for my blog, as well as my choice of words about those topics. I believe I am honest and upfront about that, and I respect those who disagree with me and argue about the facts of what I present. I am not telling anyone what to think--I am telling them what I think. Something has changed at the New York Times, the LA Times; and other print medias. Something has changed at CNN and ABC, CBS and NBC. Somehow they have forgotten that there is a distinction between opinion and fact; between how they'd like things to be and how they really are; between emotion and reason. What I miss is a culture of journalism in the mainstream media that embraces these distinctions and understands which is which .

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