Monday, August 30, 2004

Who Do These People Speak For?

How many of these people will vote for Bush, I wonder? I wonder where their money comes from? Because it has to come from somewhere. I doubt that they earned it (you know, the old-fashioned way?). I'll just bet there is a shadowy web of connections that could be drawn up between an awful lot of them and the Kerry campaign.....who wants to take me up on that? Anyone in the media? Anyone?

Here's a list of all the the members of United for Peace and Justice. They include the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, an interesting group called Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane ( and hundreds more, just as bizarre!!). There are even a few that you wonder if they got lost and didn't want to hurt the wierdos' feelings by not signing onto their group list? All these guys and gals are demonstrating right now in NYC.

Isn't Free Speech grand?

And at least two of the three groups I mentioned above (maybe all three for all I know) would instantly deny free speech to anyone who disagreed with them if they had their way. But I guess that logic has little to do with their behavior, just as freedom has little to do with their goals.

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