Sunday, August 15, 2004

Another Cheap Shot

It's obvious--to the Democrats at least, that the timing of Hurricane Charley is verrrry suspect! Why, this natural disaster might actually HELP BUSH!! You may remember that in 1992, Bush 41 was criticized strongly for not responding to Hurricane Andrew quickly enough. Now the current President Bush is being criticized for responding so quickly--I just saw a "political analyst" on TV commenting on the political motivations of the President. For someone the Left considers so stupid, the President certainly has shown the ability over the last four years to learn from history.

My response to the critics who are afraid that responding quickly will help Bush: TOUGH TOASTIES!

Besides, the hurricane wasn't caused by Bush, it was caused by Rumsfeld!

Or....maybe the hurricane was caused by the vacuum created by the media blackout on news about Kerry's lying on his Vietnam service! Heh Heh. Conspiracy theorists unite!

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