Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Socially Acceptable Prejudice

I can really relate to this article in the NY Daily News (via Allah). It's like that here in Ann Arbor, too. You will see demonstrators out marching and damning those with prejudices against blacks, muslims, transvestites, etc.; but they think nothing of insulting you or condescening to you if you happen to even lean Republican. I am not a registered Republican--I'm one of those "Swing Voter" both parties wanted in their camp. But I have supported Bush since he ran against Gore, and I certainly support him now against Kerry. I am a single issue voter and I think the War on Terror is the most important issue in this campaign. In my humble opinion, Kerry would be a complete disaster for this country.

Ann Arborites from the Left (a completely redundant distinction, I assure you) assume I must be a Republican since I support Bush. Those who know me are puzzled, and not a little miffed at my position. One of my friends even said in a tone of complete sincerity, "you're so nice--how could you vote for Bush?" Someone at work even gasped when I announced that I was not voting for Kerry, "You're not a....Republican, are you?" She asked with complete horror in her voice.

I hear in New York, people renting apartments have put out signs saying "No Republicans Need Apply". Just imagine if the word "Black" or "Muslim" -- or even "Democrat" were substituted for the word "Republican". But you see, this prejudice is socially acceptable--even socially desirable and considered "in". After all, hollywood celebrities can eviscerate Republicans with impunity; they can sexualize their names and make suggestive comments about their behavior; and even suggest that they are worse than mass murderers like Hitler.

This, after all, is hardly a reasonable criticism of Bush Administration's policies, made by a well-intentioned member of the American public. It is rather, a remarkably virulent form of prejudice, called delusional paranoia in my profession. I have met patients suffering from this type of paranoia, who believe in their heart and soul that Blacks are responsible for the decline of America; that Jews are in a secret cabal to take control over the world; that homosexuals are secretly trying to abolish heterosexuality. It is telling, I think, that I've never heard a schizophrenic claim that Republicans are the spawns of Satan. Only the Left and Democrats do that.

So, if there is an honorary chapter for Republicans, I would be proud to join. I don't always agree with all your positions, but I have watched the Democratic Party sink into the gutter of denial, self-parody and soul-less victimhood. They have allied themselves with those whose only goal is the destruction of the country I love. They don't even know what they stand for anymore.

Yes, Virginia--in 2004 at least-- I am a Republican.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God........finally some common sense from the most intelligent person I know !