Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The Doctors Are In! ***Bumped to Top***

"In the interest of better mental health in government, not to mention in the media, Pajamas Media POLITICSCENTRAL brings you a new podcast series of psychological pros putting the pols on the couch … “THE SANITY SQUAD” … with host Neo-neocon and panelists, Dr. Sanity, Shrinkwrapped, and Siggy."

That's the intro to our podcast series called "The Sanity Squad". You can download or listen to the first installment here.

The four of us are going to be doing this once a week for a while. In our first podcast, we discuss a number of timely topics, including how we all got hooked on blogging, psychology, psychiatry, mental health, world events, and politics.

Anyone who would like to submit a question for the next show, should simply email me (or ShrinkWrapped, Neo and Siggy) and we'll be happy to pontificate! Get your question submitted before noon on Wednesdays.

Feedback welcome in the comments!

P.S. Before anyone asks, the name was determined by Pajamas Media management. We had nothing to do with it! Also, FYI, the couch in the podcast photo at the link is the couch that Sigmund Freud used in his practice in Vienna.

UPDATE: I'm going to be busy this morning, so I'm bumping this to the top to encourage you all to take a listen. At least The Anchoress likes us! Siggy, meanwhile has gone all grandiose on us and thinks we are an alliance of superheroes! We'll put him back on his meds tomorrow--after they let us out of this strange room with the soft walls they have us working in at Pajamas.

UPDATE II: Anyone interested in investing in this project, should contact me. Immediately. Now. Have your Mastercard/Visa/AE account number ready.

BTW, don't bother to mention it to the others.

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