Monday, August 07, 2006


Greg Gutfield is over at the Huff Post, where he joyously lists quite a number of things that the liberal left greatly fears. It's a tour de force! Excerpts:
Fear of a loss of individual liberty in response to the war on terror.
Fear that the paranoia over terrorism will erode everything this country was founded on.
Fear that liberals haven't degraded the education system enough so most people still know that Abraham Lincoln and FDR suspended many liberties to deal with similar crises

Fear of Mel Gibson
Fear that your angry denunciations of Mel Gibson will not detract attention from the rampant anti-semitism found at the Huffington Post.
Fear that Ari Emmanuel's "brave" attack on Mel Gibson said more about Emmanuel's opportunism than any sincere belief.
Fear that Emmanuel's client Michael Moore might be a bigger anti-Semite than Gibson.

Fear of George Bu$H
Fear that Bu$h is to blame for everything
Fear that Bu$h isn't to blame for everything
Fear that if you continue to blame everything on Bu$h, you won't actually figure out who really is to blame for your problems
Fear that your spelling of Bu$h reflects your intellectual prowess, in a nutshell.
And for that, you still blame Bu$h
And your parent$

Fear of Walmart
Fear of people who shop at Walmart
Fear that you might actually save money if you shopped at Walmart
Fear that Walmart has done more to help the poor than any social program ever created by our government.
Fear of mean people
Fear of judgmental people
Fear of appearing narrow-minded
Fear of intolerance
Fear that with your tirades against SUVs, Wal-Mart, meat, cigarettes, guns, whisky, and organized religion, you are the judgmental, intolerant one.
fear of a police state unless of course it actually is a police state, like, Venezuela

Fear of Hugo Chavez dying
Fear of Castro Dying
Fear of Communism dying

Fear of Israel and their determined desire to blow up terrorists
No fear of Hezbollah and their pleasure in blowing up citizens

There's much much more, so you should go over and take a look, even if it's at the Huffington Post. The only thing you have to fear is not being able to laugh out loud. Or not having a sense of humor.

Even the comments are hilariously revealing (and passionate, of course, if not terribly tolerant). Typical:
The only thing we truely fear are puppets such as yourself who are continually led to the voting booths, like cows to slaughter, by non-issues such as gay rights and abortion, and continually vote in incompetant thieves that erode moral values and society more than gay rights and abortion do!

I can't exactly pinpoint when it was that the left lost its sense of humor. It is entirely possible they never had one to begin with. In particular, they have never been able to be in the least bit self-deprecating or willing to mock themselves.(See here for a discussion of Humor vs. Displacement and if you are really interested in the topic, you might also read this previous post on humor in the muslim world)

What they seem to consider humorous are things like this and the examples in this post--which don't transform their anger into something humorous as much as it exposes for all to see the uncontrollable rage that continually radiates from them.

When they ban Gutfield--and they will eventually--it will be because he comes much too close for comfort in making them aware of it.

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