Thursday, August 10, 2006


Sigmund, Carl & Alfred have been interviewing Gagdad Bob of One Cosmos on their couch over the last few weeks. This is the Bob who describes himself as "an extreme seeker and off-road spiritual aspirant who has spent no less than one lifetime looking for the damn key to the world enigma."

It is really quite a joy to read anything and everything that Bob writes on his blog. If you haven't checked out his book, I suggest you do. Some time back, I reviewed his book and said:
The book simply envelops the reader in its breathtaking grandiosity. It takes you through a roller coaster ride of intellect and spirit as it explores all--and I mean ALL-- of creation. Like everything Dr. Godwin writes on his blogsite it is filled with incredible insights, creative punning; and extraordinary fusions of Eastern and Western thought. After two chapters I had to temporarily stop because I was afraid that it would burn a hole in my brain if I didn't give it a rest. It reminded me somewhat of my intense yearning to regularly eat jalapeno peppers, which I'm sure says something profound about my personality which I won't go into right now. In fact, I continue to eat them quite regularly; and even though their burning spiciness makes my mouth feel like it is on fire; I am addicted to them. Nevertheless, I must not eat too many all at once; and frequently give my palate a rest in-between peppers. One Cosmos Under God, is a lot like eating jalapenos. It must be savored over a longer period of time, with breaks to cleanse one's mental palate and allow all the fiery goodness to fully digest.

The spiciness is probably the same reason why the three shrinks at SC&A have extended the interview over multiple posts and several weeks! Check them all out and enjoy the spiciness! (Most recent post is listed first)

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