Saturday, August 05, 2006


WOW! ShrinkWrapped, Gagdad Bob and I have made the big time (I think--I'm not sure who Wolcott is, actually)! But we've put his nose out of joint, that's for sure!

Apparently he is upset that we dared to point out the pervasive malignant narcissism and paranoia of today's left in American politics (something that Richard Hofstadter correctly pointed out about the right in the 50's). Wolcott, it seems, doesn't quite grasp the difference between malignant narcissism and the regular ordinary type.

Politicians on both sides of the political spectrum certainly have an excess of irritating narcissistic traits--it's practically required in order to succeed in the popularity contest of American politics these days. The malignant variety, however, is very, very special.

And, in the dangerous days of this 21st century, the left side of the political spectrum seems to have set up an exclusive Malignant Narcissist's Club where only the lunatics need apply.

Republicans are unavailable to become members of this secret society because the left employs them in a subservient role as objects of the left's many and varied paranoid fantasies. I'm sure you've noticed the ones about 9/11 being a plot of Bush and Cheney? And how Republicans during Katrina planned to commit genocide against the Blacks and the poor? And how Republicans oppress homosexuals and women? And how Bush is more evil than Bin Laden? And how all those [Jewish] neocons are planning world domination? And how Bush is going to implement a [Christian] theocracy....and so on and so on ad infinitum. [Wolcott can add his favorite paranoid fantasy here].

Those cute little paranoid delusions represent something more than simple narcissism, I'm afraid. They are the psychotic imaginings of a political party and its adherents unable to cope with the fact that they are no longer in the majority in this country (at least not so's they can actually win elections--oh, I forgot. They haven't been able to win elections because of a Republican conspiracy).

But I have to admit, Wolcott's column made me laugh. And I needed a good laugh. To quote Jonah Goldberg (who took Wolcott to task here) I am simply devastated by his criticism.

And, may I just add how honored I am to be denounced in the company of that terrible quack, ShrinkWrapped, and Gagdad Bob (even if he studied under Milton Jung instead of James Wolcott).

UPDATE: Sigmund, Carl & Alfred chime in. Whewww. I'm glad the trio are on my side!

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