Thursday, August 03, 2006


Fausta has a roundup of Castro Death news. Particularly interesting is her translation of this, from the official organ of Cuba's dictatorship:

"I can not make up good news because it wouldn't be ethical, and if the news was bad, the only one to benefit is the enemy. Specifically, in Cuba, because of the evil empire's plans, the state of my health becomes a state secret that can not be constantly divulged; and the compatriots should understand that. I can't go into the vicious cycle of health parameters that change constantly throughout the day.

I can say that it's a stable situation, but a real evolution in the state of health needs the passage of time.

The most I can say is that the situation will remain stable for many days, before one can give a verdict."

Fausta correctly notes that beneath the typically convoluted language is the information that there is no good news, and that what news there is won't be revealed for a while.

Q. So, what could that "state secret" possibly be? A. He's dead.

Otherwise, why would it be such a super-duper secret?

Speculation is welcome in the comments!

I must say this is all very intriguing; much like the secrecy that surrounded Arafat's last days--or that surrounds the demise of all tyrants as their most serious suck-ups vie for position and dominance in the despot food chain.

UPDATE: Surgical speculation: "My guess - Castro has widely metastatic colon cancer and will be dead in the next several weeks without ever regaining control of the country."

UPDATE II: Further speculation along the lines of my last sentence in the post:
...the events to date in Cuba strongly suggest that a fierce internal struggle is now going on and that Raul's absence from the airwaves is ample evidence that he is definitely not in control and cannot muster even a temporary consensus.

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