Thursday, August 10, 2006


Victor Davis Hanson says it is not for Israel, but the West, as he discusses the "depressing pattern" of Western responses and media reports of the Israel/Hezbollah conflict:
Still, when this is all over, we should not worry about the survival of Israel. For weeks, pundits have been lecturing how canny and adept Hezbollah has proved -- and how a clumsy Israel could only respond by destroying Lebanon's infrastructure. Yet, when the dust settles, the world will learn that Lebanon outside Hezbollah's domain is not destroyed. And, one hopes, those who have suffered in the Hezbollah-controlled south will reexamine their support for a terrorist organization that has brought them -- and itself -- to near ruin.

Instead far more worrisome is the moral crisis in the West itself. If so many of its politicians, intellectuals and media will not or cannot fathom moral differences in this war, they will hardly be able to see them anywhere else.

Read his entire piece, because, when you add it all up, it is an extremely depressing pattern of psychological denial and displacement.

In light of today's news of the British disruption of a massive terror plot , I fear the "depressing pattern" will degenerate into hysterical delusion.

Anything to avoid a really unpleasant reality.

To quote Allah at Hot Air, who captures the essence of those desperately battling to keep the obvious from awareness:
Al Qaeda, do you think, or our new friends the Shiites?
Or maybe the Presbyterians

UPDATE: Wretchard also captures the alternate universe.

UPDATE II: Oh wait! It's all Bush's fault. And yet more lunacy from the left.
Honestly, could these guys voluntarily turn themselves in to get some intensive therapy before they kill us all with their denial, displacement, and delusional thinking? Pretty please?

UPDATE III: The Huff Po thinks blame falls directly on Dick Cheney.

That tolling bell is getting LOUDER...

UPDATE IV: And if you are up for a spot of humor about the whole thing, there's always the thoughtful and reality-based community at the Democratic Underground --as seen through Ace's eyes.

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