Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Would you like to possibly waste some of the precious moments of your life? Go here to watch the UN Security Council do its stuff. The Israeli Ambassador is doing a great job, as is our own mustachioed Ambassador.

But it's like watching a bad reality-TV show. I wonder how it will end? No, I don't really. I think I know how it will end.

"The choice quite simply is between those who build...and those who destroy." - Israeli Ambassador

UPDATE: The debate is over now. The Lebanese Ambassador managed to make a moving speech about what is going on in his country without once mentioning the word "Hezbollah." The Israeli Ambassador noticed and called him on it. But it wasn't only the Lebanese Ambassador who did this. The Qatar Ambassador only talked about Israel's occupation of Lebanon in years past. He even said that Israel was to blame for all the problems because their behavior toward the Palestinians. But he did hope there would be peace.

Noone but the Israeli Ambassador discussed much how peace could suddenly break out in the region without first dealing with Hezbollah and their masters.

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