Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We Don't Claim To Be Morally Superior - We ARE Morally Superior

Three cheers for the Instapundit and one of his readers:

And reader Michael McDowell isn't having any of it:
Zerbisias condemns those Westerners who "claim to be morally superior." Well that is absolute horseshit. I am tired of being told not to judge other cultures through my "American lens" because I don’t understand their circumstances. I believe in equal rights without regard to race, religion, color, gender or country or origin. I believe in the freedom of homosexuals to marry and live freely in society. I believe in freedom of expression, and speech, and the free exchange of ideas. I believe in kindness, compassion, consideration, and that dogs make life better. I don’t "claim to be morally superior" to those ass-hat murderers; I am morally superior.

Indeed. You'd expect lefties like Zerbisias to side with people like McDowell, and Zeyad, over a bunch of sexist, homophobic theocrats -- but that would require that they side with America, too. Which is right out.

And to ratchet it up a notch; I am sick unto death of the cultural relativity and multicultural morass that the left has led us to in their intellectual superiority.

There may indeed be cultures that are morally superior to ours (though I tend to doubt it, I have an open mind); but one of them is DEFINITELY NOT Arab or Islamic in origin.

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