Monday, February 20, 2006

Springtime For Lefties in America

At American Digest, a fascinating essay by Gerard Vanderleun on the left's conquest of the Democratic Party:
If it were only the denizens of these fringe groups that supplied the ideological cannon fodder of the American Left, it would be a small matter to marginalize them since their very mindsets marginalize them from the square numbered "1." Indeed, just a few years ago, they could only exist within the rarified environment of on-campus humanities and ethnic-studies departments. Once removed from these hyperbaric chambers, their failure to thrive in the world outside -- absent a position in various media companies and Washington Wonk Tanks -- was assured. They were, if not really useful idiots, harmless idiots.

Sadly that is no longer the case. Recently a very large and significant American institution has stripped down to the buff and made itself freely available to the tender mercies and tough love of the American Left. Indeed, the capture of this group is the single significant achievement of the American Left in decades. With the elevation of Howard Dean, the canonization of Hillary Clinton, the deification of Ted Kennedy, the renovation of Nancy Peloisi, and the self-defenestration of Barbara Boxer, it is clear that the political base of the American Left has now migrated from the fringes of our political arena to the dead center of the Democratic Party. And it is there to stay.

Sigh. How true. Read it all and weep for the Party that was once relatively sane and at least used to love this country.


The left was having trouble
What a sad, sad story
They needed desperately to restore
Their former glory

Where, oh where could they hide
All the hatred inside?
They looked around and then they found
The Party whose own soul had died...

And now it's...
Springtime for Lefties in America !
Lefties are happy and gay!
We're marching to a faster pace
Look out, we've got a Demorat's face!
Springtime for lefties and America
America can be ours once more!
Springtime for Lefties and America
Watch out, Bushies
We're going on tour!
Springtime for lefties and America...

Look, it's springtime

Winter for Cheney and Bush

Springtime for lefties and America!

Springtime! Springtime!
Springtime! Springtime!
Springtime! Springtime!
Springtime! Springtime!

Come on, lefties
Go into your dance!

I was born on the East Coast but I'm really from France.
Come take a gander and watch how we pander!

I once was his wife, now he's out of my life
I'll be queen one day if I watch what I say !

Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Democratic party!

AND SO ON.....

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