Sunday, February 05, 2006


Image hosted by Time for the weekly insanity udate, where the insane, the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd are highlighted for all to see! This has been a week of rare idiocy (as always!).

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1. Angry Muslim Terrorists Protest Stereotype of Angry Muslim Terrorists.

2. Yes. Maybe we should outlaw hatred. And I know exactly where to start. (OTOH it is rather hard to outlaw emotions). But we can stop the insanity by giving them what they want even-- more than money.

3. Where are all the angry Christian terrorists protesting this blasphemy?

4. Coming up next: Senator Kerry explains why losing is winning. Hilary swallows glue, Dean is in Carolina; and American politicians emulate Evo !

5. It depends on who is President. Transcript of a "warrantless wiretap". "Liberal tissue of lies" seems about right.

6. No doubt the New York Times will be calling for a criminal investigation, as it did in the Plame matter. Right? Right?

7. Nominated for multiple academy awards (somewhere)! Brokeback to the Future! Hard to follow in a very engaging way. (This is a must-see!)

8. Yet another reason to give up using the phone. And a reason to give up the subway.

9. This simple solution is worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. Gee, we'd like to help you out, but....

10. The People's Cube. Guaranteed equality of outcome.

11. Send them to an Islamic ....uhhhhh... Jewish school.

12. Democrat family album.

13. CHEESE UPDATES: Please, please! Think of the cheeses! Who are you calling a cheese-eating surrender monkey? Cheese-burning? We must stop these muensters!

14. Salt Lake City is in a lot of danger.

15. Signs the apocalypse is upon us!

16. You will know them because they are fruitcakes. Yea verily.

17. State of the Union in 16 words! The state of the union is good. And getting even better from some perspectives. Here's an example of the Democrat's "better way"!

18. Sleep tight! And don't let the.....nevermind.

19. Not the kind of response one expects from a message in a bottle.

20. This kind of intrusion of privacy must be stopped immediately! Wait--it wasn't Bush? Nevermind.

21. Another illusion down the drain. I must admit, I never knew this and bought the housewife story myself. RIP anyway.

22. This just seems wrong somehow. Ugh. And this, too.

23. GOOGRE search "democracy".

24. Op-ed space to terrorists. Very nice. And, how's this for fair and balanced? The damage the MSM is doing will last for generations, I'm afraid.

25. Who knew there could be medical advantages to having a heart attack???

26. "Thank God for Dead Soldiers"? How much lower can the left sink?

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