Tuesday, February 28, 2006


It came to me suddenly reading several articles yesterday, how unrelenting is the left's cradle to grave assault on critical and independent thinking. Since that infamous decade of 60's when my generation was invited to "tune in, turn off and drop out" we have been encouraged to "tune in" to the mindless messages and worthless programs of the left; "turn off" our brains; and drop out of reality.

Here's a short sampling:

For the discerning child, who is dedicated to sharing her toys; and bringing peace and social justice to the world-- your correct political orientation is outlined in this book.

For the adolescent in the public schools, the gentle indoctrination of childhood will be helpfully augmented by conscientious teachers who only want what is best for you. This gives you another chance to have your brain washed in the proper neurochemicals, approved by the Committee on Universal Peace and Brotherhood.

And as an adult in college and beyond, you can participate in united for peace and justice and obtain further experience in mindless obedience to the collective. This is the stage where being designated a "victim" is passed off as social justice; and where you can work to ensure certain designated groups remain victims so that your own self-esteem can continue to grow by championing them.

By adulthood the brain will have been sufficiently anesthesized so that the gaping insistencies and endless hypocrisy isn't at all bothersome and leads to no serious clinical effects, except for the childish expectation that everyone will think and feel as you do.

It also helps to carefully nurture any tendency toward excessive narcissism in order to facilitate (1) an exaggerated self-esteem, where you don't actually have to to achieve anything to deserve anyone's admiration; (2) a belief that difficult goals can be accomplished without any real effort on your part except singing "Kumbayah"; and (3) a finely-honed sense of victimhood so that you have a ready-made excuse if you haven't achieved anything or made any effort in your life.

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