Friday, February 03, 2006


Not many people realize it yet--particularly on the left--but in the Danish Muhammed cartoon controversy that has inflamed the Muslim world, the multicultural /politically correct mindset has now been fully exposed as a fraud. The shocking consequences and deadly potential of that fraud are suddenly becoming all too clear.

Wretchard comments:
The fine, broad highway to Hell that is political correctness which has achieved the opposite of its intent: not the universal chorus of harmony but religious conflict at its most primitive level.
One wonders how anyone could have expectd a different result?

Having given up any objective standard by which to mediate such vastly different perspectives and feelings; having abandoned reason altogether in favor of expressing one's feelings no matter what the cost; and, finally, having endlessly touted the critical importance and essential need to "belong" to one's race, tribe, religion or group first and foremost; the outcome is what Stephen Hicks refers to as "group balkinization" --with all its inevitable and inescapable conflict.

Why, in other words, would peaceful coexistence result from a movement that has done everything in its power to eradicate universalism and foist multiculturalism into the public consciousness?

Multiculturalism, or that which celebrates--not belonging to the family of humanity-- but one's sexual, racial, ethnic, or religious identity above all else.

Like many ideas of the left, it should now be apparent to anyone with a brain, that the exact opposite of what is promised ends up being delivered.

Just as the false promises of socialism and communism were found to lead to misery instead of happiness; poverty instead of wealth; enslavement instead of freedom--so too, have multiculturalism and political correctness, instead of harmony, brought lethal discord.

There can be no backing down now; because to compromise on this would be disaster--in every way the beginning of the end of our own values, freedoms, and culture. Besides, it is compromise that has brought us to this unbelievable situation in the first place.

The very first time we allowed the adherents of a medieval and primitive religion to believe that their feelings about that religion trump all the values of western civiliztion; the minute we began to apologize for our successes and make excuses--or even blame ourselves--for their failures; we were bound to come to this place .

Reason cannot be appealed to; nor tolerance--for the Islamists believe in neither. So here we are, together, on the PC highway to hell.

It may be late in the journey, but it is time for us to get off this path while we still can--if we still can.

I personally have no objection to Islam reaching their final destination alone.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin continues her excellent coverage of this clash of civilizations withher piece on the "International Day of Anger."

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