Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Every time I think the so-called "progressive" left in this country can sink no lower, they surprise me with the creative ways they come up with to move further down in their quest for hell. From Tim Graham at The Corner:

Driving in, I had to sample some “progressive talk” on the SOTU. At the Stephanie Miller Show, they were laughing about (and playing an audio montage of) how many times Bush used the “F-Bomb” last night. That’s their strange description of the word “freedom.” They also mocked the mentions of “liberty.”

Now, I ask you. How sick is that? What degree of self-delusion do you have to be trapped in to mock freedom and liberty; and then to imagine you are somehow champions of the oppressed?

Just another example of the complete intellectual and moral bankruptcy of today's left.

And, BTW, President Bush just completed a rather marvelous speech at the Grand Ole Opry today that used the "F-Bomb" multiple times. I can imagine the cynics of the left sputtering with annoyance at those inconvenient ideas of freedom and liberty being espoused by the BushChimpHitler.

There is little doubt in my mind that many of those "progressives" of the left consciously-- and with malice aforethought-- are in complete sympathy and solidarity with the forces of oppression and totalitarianism; and the remainder are just traditional useful idiots.

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