Monday, February 13, 2006


Mark Levin on Dick Cheney and shotgungate:

Why all the hysteria? The vice president accidentally shot a hunting companion with buck-shot over the weekend. He is in "very stable condition." The media were not notified for some time. And we're all supposed to be worked up about that? Cheney spent much of the weekend with his injured friend. He was very apologetic. So, he didn't run to the media to issue a statement of some kind and the media didn't find out until later. Who cares? I don't. It's not as if there's some cover-up, or need for a cover-up. The local sheriff's office has investigated and concluded it was an accident — which, of course, it was. And don't give me "the public's right to know." Not from this media — which still refuses to publish those Danish cartoons.
(emphasis mine)

Excellent point. If the MSM is interested in championing the public's right to know above all other considerations, then let them eat Danish.

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