Sunday, March 20, 2005

Weekly Insanity Update

Welcome to the weekly roundup of the insane, the ridiculous, the unbelievable and the obnoxious. Why don't we just call it the "Carnival of the Insanities"? If you would like to get linked next week, just send me a post you've written that is either insane or talks about some insane, ridiculous piece of news and I guarantee I'll include it!

1. Better late than never. Sort of like closing the barn door know.

2. The mind boggles. Incredibly creepy image.

3. This sort of thing wouldn't be allowed to be discussed at Harvard. The faculty would be in an uproar!

4. Just a matter of time before the Congressional hearings.

5. A true man of the people...Yeah. Right.

6. The original Liberty Babe!

7. I thought it was an invitation to boredom...who knew?

8. BEWARE! This is what happens when you take steroids!

9. "In order to tarnish the image of Islam"? We needn't bother.

10. Right-left and the scrotum in Greek sculpture? Isn't academia wonderful?

11. Yet another psychiatric syndrome that afflicts the Left.

12. Obesity will solve social security. Two problems taken care of!

13. You know what? I think Krugman's jealous because he didn't get asked!

14. Many guys think this would take all the fun out of the game.

UPDATE: Here are the result of the [extremely unscientific, completely biased] Poll:

Do you have any confidence in the judgement of the Harvard Faculty?


Total Voters : 178

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