Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Sky is Falling

We are DOOMED! DOOMED! Here's the latest from the environmental Chicken Littles. And then there's also this to brighten your day.

I can't help but wonder what the motives are of people who make these claims. The first article describes them as "scientists", but that seems to me to be going too far. A better description is "true believer".

First, how do they know that "two-thirds" of the world's resources are used up? Is there a news ticker in Times Square that keeps track of all the world's resources and counts down as they are used?

I tried, but couldn't find the report online to read (I am truly curious about how much "science" is actually in it). Isn't it rather tiresome to hear this sad refrain over and over again to all the environmental doom and gloom purveyors? After all, we have been hearing the same predictions since the early 60's. And no matter how much is done in the environmental area; no matter how things improve (e.g., smog). From their perspective things only get worse.

My favorite environmental debunker is Michael Crichton. Read this essay, where he "proves" that global warming is caused by aliens.

There are real issues and challenges that we humans must deal with as conservators of our planet. But, it seems to me, that reports like the ones described above only try to generate hysteria and circumvent any real discussion and planning that might be done about these issues.

Chicken Little, meet the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

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