Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Let Her Speak !

Hirsi Ali has won a court battle in the Netherlands (hat tip: Free Thoughts):

The Hague Court refused to censor MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Tuesday, dismissing a court challenge to her criticism of the Islam faith and a planned sequel to her controversial film "Submission".

The ruling comes after several Muslims took legal action against the Liberal VVD MP in a bid to prevent her from making what they believe to be insulting, offensive or blasphemous remarks against the Islamic faith.

They also demanded the court block a sequel to the film Submission, which accused the Islam faith of endorsing domestic violence.

Hirsi Ali made the film in co-operation with Theo van Gogh. The 10-minute documentary is believed to have played a key role in the filmmaker's murder at the hands of a suspected Islamic militant last November.

But the court in The Hague ruled on Tuesday there are insufficient grounds to ban a follow-up film, asserting that Hirsi Ali has not acted illegally with her statements. The court did accuse the MP though of testing the bounds of what is acceptable.

The theme of the follow-up film is the oppression of the individual under Islam. The lawyer representing the claimants, Robert Moszkowicz, claimed that the film will certainly contain blasphemous elements.

If you ask me, the real "blasphemy" would have occurred if this case had been decided against Ali. Let her voice be heard! Let the voices of all the women who suffer under the primitive and medieval attitudes of their religions be heard!

And let all voices in the free world condemn Islam for its institutionalized oppression of women. If that is blasphemy, then so be it.

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